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Reedley Road - performance gap eliminated

Predicted specific heat demand 36 kWh/m2/yr.  Actual specific heat demand 24.5 kWh/m2/yr.

This Passivhaus inspired refurbishment project exceeds the design expectations with over 80% of the heating provided by a wood burner in the kitchen/living area.   The specific heat demand is just below the threshold for the Passivhaus refurbishment standard EnerPHit.

Come and see it at Bristol Green Doors 26 September 2015. 

Reedley Road Design Stage PHPP Modelling



Mind the Gap - Talk at Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire Club

Come and see Piers's talk tonight at Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire Club where he will present the findings of his Innovate UK Building Performance Evaluation work undertaken with Quattro Design Architects on 'The Main Place', Coleford Community Centre.   



Coleford Community Centre - energy efficiency

The second instalment of our article on the work we have been undertaking at Coleford Community Centre is now available:

Part 2 article on Energy Performance at Coleford Community Centre



Coleford Community Centre - Energy Saving Advice

Working with Quattro Design Architects, we have been providing advice to the Main Place, Coleford Community Centre since July 2012 under a Technology Strategy Board funded Building Performance Evaluation project.  Over this time we have been evaluating energy use and making recomendations for energy saving.

We are publishing the findings in a series of Building Performance Evaluation articles.  

Follow the link for the Part 1 article on building energy metering.  

(sub-title "Does anyone get anything out of sub-metering apart from BREEAM points" coutesy of Kate de Selincourt).

Future articles will present the energy performance findings of the building and the details of the improvement works implemented through the study.


Building Performance Evaluation Projects

Following a two stage competition, White Design and Piers Sadler Consulting were commissioned to undertake building performance evaluations at Rogiet and Oakham primary schools designed by White Design.  The energy in use of almost all buildings exceeds the design stage predictions, sometimes by considerable amounts.  The overall objectives of these studies are to quantify any such discrepancies, assess their causes and identify ways of reducing and reversing them.   Oakham is a sixth month study concentrating on the construction and handover of the building, whilst Rogiet is a two year study focussing on energy in use during the first years of occupation.