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Eco-Refurbishment Costs

Presentation on Energy Efficiency Refurbuishment measures.  This is a couple of years old, but particularly relevant now with the recent news on 'Green taxes' and Energy Bills.

Government's change of tack will save the most money for those who use the most energy, whilst leaving more people in fuel poverty.  Yet again an industry based on subsidies is being unsettled and destablisied by inconsistent govenrment policy.



Green Deal news

Yet again bad news on the Green Deal (  No one has actually implemented measures under the scheme - that's Zero houses upgraded since the scheme started.  The reaosns:

- flawed ideas about the economics (see my previous comment on Green Deal finances and graph to the right showing Golden Rule not met). 

- high interest rates

- the mechanism for the loan which attaches the repayments to your electricity bill.

This was all entirely predictable.  Perhaps the government will start listening now.

The only positive element is that money is being pumped into refurbishment through the ECO (Energy Company Obligation).  Most of this money is being spent on social housing, but it is also aimed at tackling fuel poverty in the wider housing stock and difficult to treat housing.  The ECO needs to be joined up seemlessly with the Green Deal as a top up funding stream that makes the economics attractive.  Combine this with lower interest rates and a simpler loan scheme and perhaps it will gain some traction. Perhaps in time energy efficiency measures will become cheaper and fuel prices will go up and eventually the top up funding won't be needed, but that's not where we are now.


Green Deal economics don't add up

My financial analysis of the Green Deal and it's Golden Rule (presentation located here) show why the Green Deal will only finance insulation of cavity walls and uninsulated lofts.

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Eco-refurbishment Costs

My presentation on Eco-refurbishment costs to the Green Register went well last night.  I hope people will be interested in the generic eco-refurbishment costs I have developed and I would welcome any contributions to my cost data set as well as any discussion of the method I have used.

The full content of my presentation is available here.