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Meeting Stephen Williams MP on Housing Standards

I met @SWilliamsMP - Minister for Communitities and Local Govt (and my local MP) today to discuss housing standards.  He confirmed that local authorities would continue to be able to set their own building energy standards until Zero Carbon Housing was introduced in 2016.  He did recognise that Zero Carbon Housing was not really zero carbon but seemed confident that the Zero Carbon Hub had everything in hand eg quality on site, performance gap etc.  I'd have liked to have talked about linear thermal bridging and psi values, as I see this as an ongoing problem which is currently being fudged and will continue to be until SAP takes measurements externally. I really don't think he would have understood though so I didn't bother.  

I asked him for support for Bristol Green Capital and he sugested that Bristol could aim to meet the 2016 Building Regulations in advance of them being introduced.  Not exactly innovative or imaginative!